Building open-source Outside-in processes for supply chain planning.
Challenging supply chain leaders to change their stripes.

Please find initial open source charter of project Zebra, where we establish initial approach to the initiative:

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ZEBRA READINESS: Principle-based leadership aligns values to outcomes.

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If you are interested in participating in project Zebra please watch our introduction video. We are looking for business leaders, academics and technologists to kick off additional workgroups as part of Zebra project

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started Project Zebra

Today’s supply chain processes are inside-out and functional. While demand and supply volatility is increasing, organizations and processes respond but struggle to sense. The dilemma? The number and capabilities of sensors and analytics are growing, but there is no way to adapt existing processes to sense and quickly respond. As a result, only 1/3 of business leaders are satisfied with the status quo.

What we think is needed is a step change of thinking and acting

Moving away from traditional supply chain thinking:

Traditional: Functional Linear Transactional Inside-out
Becomes: Cross-functional Non-linear Focus on sense - learn and act Outside-in

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