October 14th

Project Zebra Event

Market-driven planning

Now and Then – Outside-in planning as a paradigm shift for supply chain leaders

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We want to invite you to participate and join the guiding coalition of change. We recognize no one has the answer and that old mental models need to shift to drive progress.


16:00 AMS
9:00 CDT
10:00 EDT

30 minutes

Keynote – Supply chain planning: Now & Then

Lora Cecere
Igor Rikalo

In this presentation, Lora reflects on the work. This session is an overview of Project Zebra.

As the architect and facilitator of the methodology, the discussion focuses on helping companies to learn, then unlearn and think differently. The discussion includes the definition of an outside-in planning process, the testing of the new approach, and the business value for business leaders.

16:30 AMS
9:30 CDT
10:30 EDT

30 minutes

Leveraging market data for 360 degrees demand management – case study of BSH

BSH Team
Rebekka Vohl

During the pandemic, BSH could not manufacture enough home appliances in the face of rocketing demand. The team volunteered to test the market-driven demand management process to be better at market sensing and to improve supply chain alignment. Here we share the results and the lessons learned.

17:00 AMS
10:00 CDT
11:00 EDT

30 minutes

External data in supply planning – optimizing your margins using market knowledge graph – WD case

Western Digital Team

Western Digital operates in a tough market with falling margins and shorter lead times. The transportation excellence team volunteered to test the Market-Driven Knowledge Graph concept to improve customer service in the face of logistics volatility. Here we share the results and the lessons learned.

17:30 AMS
10:30 CDT
11:30 EDT

30 minutes

SCOR and a new level 4 blueprint for outside in processes

Fred Baumann
Douglas Kent

Planning in the current SCOR framework is not very well defined and not outside-in. In the Project Zebra work, we partnered with ASCM to improve the SCOR model. Peter and Douglas are active participants and share their insights on what the work means to the SCOR model and potential next steps.

18:00 AMS
11:00 CDT
21:00 EDT

30 minutes

Zebra Methodology: Imagining the Future unlearning the past

Fred Baumann
Ripu Singh
Philippe Lambotte

As groups consider building outside-in processes, the methodology and the
engagement with groups matters. Here we share insights on the steps to take to design and implement a new process paradigm.

the event

In January 2021, a small group of business leaders, academics, and technologists kicked off a cross-functional workstream to define outside-in processes. The effort, named Project Zebra, is nearing its first anniversary. The Market-driven Conference on October 14th is a virtual event to share learnings, test results, and next steps from the work.

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